Liquidity provider

                         - We provide our customers  inexhaustible liquidity for major  Cryptocurrencies -

1- Whithin your crypto experience you'll notice that only very few wallet providers perform "sellings" or exchange from crypto to your local regular currency, and that is a huge inconvenence !  


This makes us different, because we turn back your cryptos to money !!       

 2- Exchanging cryptocurrency to cash regular currency seems to be easy, but when we need it to be done then we face the reality of the market !   and find out that it is mission impossible !! WHY ?? 

The reason is that we are millions of users all over the world, and it is when we need it to be done that maybe all other users may do it also at the same time. This phenomenon is not related to the cryptocurrency market it is similar for the regular currencies, thus if all citizens come to withdraw money from banks at the same time, there will not be enough cash money to satisfy the demand at once. 

This phenomenon creates undeniably a critical feeling  of trust, it triggers the currencies to a fast drop down and huge losses.


We trust our solid skilled team that after years of experience will manage the risks the right way, thus our team will anticipate all kind of critical situation, our priority will be to allocate liquidity to our own customers, also we always offer alternative solutions based on alternative assets in order to reduce risk of huge losses. 

Our experience have been proven, we also hold secure amount of assets that enables to manage all critical situations. 

Liquidity provider